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We have men's beard bundles now available for $30.00. 🏷️it includes our..

🟡Apricot Hibiscus growth oil!

🟡 Intense Moisturizing Growth Cream

🟡1 tea rinse for herbal hair growth!

This bundle doesn't just have to be used for beards but can be used for men's hair too, and our oil is perfect for those with locs, braids to keep scalp moisturized and hydrated. Our products are suitable for all ages and genders. Consistency and the way in which you use our products will produce it's maximum benefits.

Our growth oil is packed with herbal growth properties that will enhance help grow your hair and our Velvety leave in cream is very hydrating providing shine, and Moisture needed for dry beards or hair also aididng in hair / beard growth. 

Our hair tea rinse is easy to use it has rosemary, green tea and hibiscus flower which all stimulate growth, prevent baldness, reduce hair fall, prevents thinning and promotes growth + thickness or beard /hair.


boil up to 8 oz of water and have a empy spray bottle on deck to use the hair tea rinse with. After water is boiled , pour water into a safe cup and add tea bags. Allow tea to steep and after remove and save tea bags for up to 3 uses. Pour cooled tea into spray bottle and spray enough to drench beard / hair and leave in for 15- 20 minutes. You can use the hair tea rinse you made daily for beards if you Wash your beard daily just make sure to use it after your beard is clean.

Never use tea rinse on dirty hair/beard make sure your hair scalp/ beard and skin is thoroughly cleaned before use for maximum benefits

Apricot hibiscus growth oil- 

Open applicator bottle by removing red tip. Use a pocket knife cork screw to puncture a small hole into the applicator tip.

Wash beard or shampoo hair and apply a dime size amount  of the Intense Moisturizing Growth  cream(or two dime size amounts depending on thickness and length of beard/hair) rub together in hands and apply to beard or hair and massage thoroughly.

Use a comb or beard brush to work on product better. Then use the oil applicator bottle and point bottle tip down ward starting from temple (keeping tip of applicator on face) and slightly squeezing oil into beard a little goes along way! Put enough that you can feel your skin underneath your beard / hair is moisturized. Then follow through on opposite side of face and use comb to Comb oil through using downward stroked only never comb up or against the grain. (Way in which hair grows).

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