About Us

Our products are "homespun" and formulated in the comfort of our home, they're created in inspiration of my daughter Egypt and I.

Since she was born in 2019 of May I used coconut oil on her hair, I was scared to use other products because of the chemicals they had in them, even baby made hair products had chemicals and harmful additives. 
I made the switch to formulate our own home made products that will benefit dryness, balding, growth and severe breakage.
I have been motivated through the of my own hair & my daughter's hair to create a legacy for her that will benefit all naturals and those aspiring to embrace their natural hair.
I chose to name our products after my daughter "Egypt" and both of our middle names "Isis". Which means "QUEEN" / "Goddess". 
We want all of our customers to feel like a Goddess and portray themselves as Queens should... Kings should uphold a standard of respect as well just in a masculine way!
I have carefully, diligently & patiently handcrafted our formulations with the utmost integrity & knowledge. The ingredients are 100% natural emollients, butters, oils & fragrance(s). 
Which pose no harm to your natural tresses but, instead supports/aids in healthy hair growth. Our products are all baby safe as well. We strive to be and stay paraben & chemical free ! 
One of our main purposes is to create products feasible for all ages! With that being said, you can entrust that your expectations of our natural products will be met according to our personal experiences & testimonies.!
Thank you for choosing E.I.Naturals !