Can these products be used on relaxed or colored hair? 
Yes, all of our products are naturally home made and vegan safe. Which means they are safe for colored and relaxed hair. They contain no ingredient that will impact the current state of your hair in a harmful or negative way.
Will these products really make my hair grow?
All of our products do help with hair growth when used as directed and used on a consistent basis with any hair regimen. Keep in mind, that everyone's hair grows at different rates. So if your hair grows slow them you'll receive results just not as fast as someone who's hair typically grows at a quicker rate.
Are these products safe for babies?
Yes, we also have our "kiddo bundle" specifically for babies, toddlers and children under 14. (Not that our products aren't for those over 14 years of age but we consider kids to be under that age that still wear their hair in protective states. Our Intense Moisturizing Growth cream allows the hair to be moisturized in those protective styles while our Apricot Hibiscus Herbal Growth Oil combo adds more moisture for growth and scalp hydration. These two products both are the perfect children combo for hair growth and moisture while in protective styles, braids, ponytails, etc. They can be used as early as 2-3 months of age, we have unscented options as well for those babies with sensitive skin and eczema prone skin. 
If I have gray hair can I used these products?
Yes, our products are for all hair colors and a natural so they won't change or ruin the state of the hair but only benefit by adding moisture & hydration to dry hair and scalp, preventing shedding, & promoting growth.
What's the best selling product?
The best selling product(s) is our Apricot Hibiscus Herbal Growth and second is our Intense Moisturizing Growth Cream.
What makes these products different from other natural hair products?
We are a home based company that makes, and fulfills all of our products, they are inspired by formulating products on a personal level to see what will help my daughter and I with our hair growth and health needs. They are 100% vegan and natural and they are based have distinct ingredients and products that are different from other natural hair companies, similar benefits but different range of ingredients and methods of creating.
Do I need to purchase more than one product to receive results?
You don't have to purchase more than one product. But, depending on your hairs current state and hair needs it would be highly beneficial to purchase either one of our two main bundles, kiddo's bundle or beard bundle itself. Our products produce maximum results by using them in conjunction with the other products they pair well with. For example, if you want to add our products to your bi- weekly hair regime, it would be best to purchase our Curly hair Co-wash, 2 in 1 deep conditioner and scalp treeatment, Rosemary Hibiscus Green tea rinse, Velvety leave in, curl cream, Intense Moisturizing Growth Cream & Apricot Hibiscus Herbal Growth Oil (used all in this order with the exception of the Intense Moisturizing Growth cream which is to be used daily as a Moisturizer or before doing protective styling).
How long will it take to receive my order?
We ship all orders next day, so depending on your location will determine how long it may take. Obviously further distance means it may take a while. We prodlvide tracking numbers the same day orders are shipped out. Keep track of your order by using your tracking number provided. Make sure you read the details on when and where your order is located or delivered.
What if I received my package and it is damaged or what if don't receive my package at all but tracking # says it was delivered?
We are not responsible for lost, or damaged items. If this was to occur, please contact your local USPS to figure out the issue.
We do not accept orders being sent back if they are damaged especially due to covid-19 pandemic. If your items are damaged we are not responsible, the parcel company which is USPS is held responsible.
Therefore, you would have to contact your local USPS to resolve the issue we automatically add up to $50.00 insurance to all orders. This means if your item is damaged you will receive a refund of up to how much your product was or only up to the amount the parcel company covered it for when your item was shipped out.  
**(For maximum convenience for customers and ourselves we ONLY ship all orders through one parcel handler which is USPS).**
Do these product expire or mold?
All of our products are 100% natural and do contain natural preservatives which can preserve them for up to 6 months if handled with proper care. Do not sit products in direct sunlight or in hot rooms, it's best to keep them in cool dark places without heat or direct sunlight.
How do I know what's inside of the products like ingredients?
Visit our website and upon clicking on each product our ingredients are located in each items description.
what if I am allergic to nuts can I used these product? 
Our products do contain, coconut oil, Shea butter, almond oil, and a few other oils extracted directly from the nut or tree the nut may come from. So please be sure to read our ingredients before purchasing to make sure they don't contain oils that may be from nuts your allergic to. Our products do not contain peanut oils or cooking oils only rare organic oils meant for the use of hair, scalp or skin.
How do I use the products?
Please refer to our website and click on each product and read its description to see the directions and how to use each product.
If I have an issue with my order placement or if I placed an order by mistake, how do I contact to figure out the issue?
Please email us at e.i.naturals20@gmail.com with your issues and concerns. Which is located on our website as well. You can also contact us by message via any of our social media platforms.
Which product bundle you recommend for extremely dry hair and severe breakage? 
Both of our bundles A & B both will work well with solving extreme dry and severely broken off hair, one of our bundles does not come with an Apricot Hibiscus Herbal Growth Oil which is key on sealing in moisture to promote growth and prevent dryness and breakage.