Wash Day bundle

Wash Day bundle

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Our Complete Wash Day bundle includes our:

-Curl Cream - Defines, hydrates and softens dry curls.

-Intense Moisturizing Growth Cream- draws moisture into dry hair, making it more hydrated, tamable and east to manage. Keeps hair Moisturized for days!

-Hydrating Curl Custard- Non- flaking defining custard that not only defines curly hair but keeps it hydrated as well with infused hibiscus herbs for growth, moisture and thicker hair.

-Apricot Hibiscus Herbal Growth Oil- Maintains the softness, suppleness, and radiance of skin and hair, stimulatethe growth of thicker, longer, and stronger hair, Eliminates dandruff and thereby support hair growth., Boost immunity, Prevents balding & excess shedding. Gives hair resilient shine and luster while not weighing down the hair.

-Minty Lavender Shampoo Bar-  is moisturizing, and has a minty feel to the scalp. When massaging into scalp, it exfoliates the scalp and gently cleanses it. While gently cleansing it does not strip the hair of much needed moisture. Lavender helps to thicken hair, combat frizz and stimulates growth. Mint helps circulate blood in our scalp helping hair to absorb and recieve more nutrients it needs. This shampoo bar is perfect all hair types and dandruff prone, dry scalp.

-Rose Hibiscus “repair & restore” Hair Masqué-  

is meant to deeply restore any damaged parts of the hair bringing it back to life, while repairing it at the same time from being exposed excessively to.

Repairs dry, brittle, heat damaged, dehydrated hair along with preventing breakage, split ends & lifeless hair.

Packed with natural moisturizers organic herbs like hibiscus to prevent hair from damage, breakage and shedding.